PARIS — Faced with the proliferation of false information distilled every day by Azerbaijan and its networks around the world, the Franco-Armenian Association (Union Franco-Arménienne), a non-profit cultural non-governmental organization, calls upon all persons, organizations and media outlets possessing documents (videos, photos, recordings, etc.) related to the territories of Zangezur, Gegharkunik and Artsakh to send it copies in order to assemble material to be presented to the world community on the true history and evidence related to these regions of Armenia. The association has the contacts of the world media networks.

Map of sites where the Azerbaijani armed forces struck from September 12 to 14, and military bases identified at the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan (including the occupied territories around present-day Artsakh, determined via satellite images (dated June 4, 2020 so not including newer bases) (image

For this purpose, please send your documents urgently to and also through WhatsApp/Zangi applications – No. +33695147767.

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