Armenian POWs on trial in Baku earlier this year

ICRC Representatives Visit Armenian PoWs in Azerbaijan


BAKU (PanARMENIAN.Net) Representatives of the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Baku have visited the Armenian prisoners of war still being held in Azerbaijan, Zara Amatuni, head of communications programs for the ICRC delegation in Armenia told Sputnik Armenia on Wednesday, August 10.

“The latest visit to the Armenian prisoners took place at the end of July. They were given the opportunity to contact their relatives in all possible ways: through letters, phone calls and video messages,” Amatuni said.

According to her, the ICRC representatives visited those captives whose existence has been officially recognized by the Azerbaijani authorities.

She noted that the purpose of such visits is to assess the state of health of prisoners, the conditions of their detention (including through private conversations).

Amatuni expressed hope that the regularity of visits will continue in the future. Representatives of the ICRC also keep in touch with the families of the captives who live in Armenia.

Baku confirms the presence of 38 Armenian prisoners of war and civilians, but according to human rights activists, another 80 people are in Azerbaijani captivity.

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In total, 303 persons from Armenia are still missing in relation to the 2020 war unleashed by Azerbaijan, the International Committee of the Red Cross said in a report on August 12.

More than 1,450 calls and individual visits were received from families of the missing at the ICRC delegation in Yerevan. 4 families requested ICRC support to clarify the fates of their missing relatives by opening tracing requests with the ICRC. 12 families learned about the fate of their relatives.

“The ICRC visited the detained individuals on a regular basis and helped them restore or maintain contacts with their relatives,” the report said.

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