Some current apartment prices due to real estate scarcity on (March 23, 2022)

Demand Is Rising for Rental Property in Yerevan: Letter to the Editor


To The Editor:

Do you know someone from the Diaspora that owns an apartment in Yerevan? With the influx of Armenians leaving Ukraine and Russia for Armenia, there is an urgent need for housing. A lot of IT people are coming to Armenia because they can work remotely as long as they have a laptop and Wi-Fi. This is a great opportunity for Armenia to enhance the already growing IT industry, but without housing they will be forced to leave. They need to get roofs over their heads. This may be a disaster for the Russian IT industry, but a real opportunity for the Armenian IT industry.

Rental property prices have skyrocketed, yet there are many empty apartments that are owned by people in the diaspora. If you have an empty apartment that you can rent, please consider doing so as this influx of smart, tech-savvy, IT specialists will help build the stronger Armenia that we all want to see. You invested in property because you believe in the future of Armenia, and now is the time to share that investment with those that want to live, work, and call Armenia home. Let’s turn this disaster into a real economic opportunity for Armenia!

If you have an apartment that you can rent, please list them in the following sites: and Do not use a US based service, such as AirBnB or HomeAway, as they will likely be blocking Russian credit cards. If we do this right, Armenia could come out ahead with a stronger economic future.

Raffi Aroian

Mihran Aroian

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