Adele F. Manuelian

Adele Manuelian Estate Bequests $100,000 to St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School


WATERTOWN — St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School, New England’s only Armenian elementary school, has received a $100,000 bequest from the Adele F. Manuelian 2013 Revocable Trust.

Matthew Der Manuelian, her son, said: “Our mother was very grateful for the role the school plays in the Armenian Community and the lives of its students, and that gratitude extends to the head of the school, the school board, the teachers, the students, their parents, as well as to the school’s supporters in the Community.”

“We greatly appreciate Adele Manuelian’s desire to perpetuate Armenian education through her bequest,” said Houry Boyamian, principal of St. Stephen’s. “Her incredibly generous gift to our school is an investment in our mission of providing an excellent bilingual, bicultural education for all our students.”

“On behalf of our school board and entire community, we would like to express our immense appreciation to the Der Manuelian Family regarding this bequest,” said Michel Guzelian, chair of the school board.

A plaque acknowledging the generosity of Adele Manuelian will be installed at the school.

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