‘Armenian-Americans for Artsakh’ Bag to Help the Homeland


By Cynthia Bosnian

WASHINGTON — As an Armenian-American living in Washington, DC who’s been blessed in so many ways, I’ve been seeking a way to give back. I wanted to help Artsakh.

While sitting quietly one evening at home, I just knew I needed to organize my own fundraiser. And hence “Armenian-Americans for Artsakh” was born with a bag. What better way to show the world my support than by literally wearing it on (er, under) my sleeve. Just imagine what such a statement could do to raise awareness as well as funds especially among those who may not have even heard of this tiny territory.

Each bag costs $20. All proceeds from the sale of the bags will go to Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) and its fundraising platform Ayo!, established in 2013 as a way in which Armenian and Artsakh citizens could assess the situation on the ground and utilize the funds most appropriately.

All funds raised will support Ayo!, established in 2013 as a fundraising platform for Fund for Armenian Relief or FAR (rated 4 stars on Charity Navigator) by which Armenian and Artsakh citizens can raise money for local projects — including humanitarian assistance. Ayo’s administrative costs are covered 100% by a FAR board member. For project updates, visit: weareayo.org

For more information and to show support, visit: www.customink.com/fundraising/ArmenianAmericans4Artsakh

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