If Snap Elections Cannot Heal Armenia’s Wounds, Then Establishment of Legitimacy and Securing a Mandate from People Will Remain Fruitless Exercises


Armenia and Artsakh were struck a heavy blow of historical significance as a result of the 44-day war. If the regional great powers supported this terrible calamity, the responsibility of the ruling authorities in Armenia was also not inconsequential. Their military shortsightedness, diplomatic failure and administrative incompetence became factors in this great defeat.

Any honorable person or statesman would logically have resigned because today’s situation is more complex than that of the pre-war period as far as ruling the country is concerned.

If we have been able to conclude a truce with the enemy, we as a nation must find the strength to reach a truce among ourselves, restraining the polarizing internet and press and ending the reciprocal insults which have reached unspeakable proportions.

The time has come to put an end to the tired labels of old and new, black and white, plunder and legitimate, and on all fronts only seek values, political, scientific, military and economic. It is time to form an Armenian pan-national coalition with the consolidation of values and only in this fashion approach the snap elections.

In today’s Arshakavan of a labyrinth of political lexicon, men of state must be found who can understand and bring to life the principle “necessity can resolve legality” so that what is necessary is made to conform to what is legal, and in this way arrange the elections.

The goal of snap elections must be to heal Armenia’s wounds and bring the country back to its feet; and not to ascertain which group can form a majority and destroy its enemy or enemies. What has been lost cannot be regained in today’s circumstances. What is possible is to defend what remains.

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The current president, Armen Sarkissian, and five previous presidents of Armenia and Artsakh have provided the first signs of the path to national unity. It is sufficient to continue and complete this unification process.

Our five thousand young martyrs will not be able to vote in the snap elections, and the ten thousand who have become handicapped or their relatives are not in the mood to go to the polls. The country has had a stroke and is crippled. The majority of citizens remain indifferent to the elections, having lost confidence in the suitability of any entity to the seriousness of the task.

Probably only citizens who are despairing or politically immature will participate in the voting – in other words, only a minority of the voting masses. The majority that will be formed out of that minority could theoretically elect an administration which would lay claim to legitimacy yet lack the authority and ability to govern the country.

The current administration is responsible for the present state of failure. Its reelection can not promise more than what it was able to do under better conditions.

Yes to calling snap elections in order to bring the homeland out of today’s calamity, and no to affirming theories which will remain fruitless exercises.


The Representatives of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party Press

April 2, 2021



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