Los Angeles AIWA Affiliate Announces Recipient of Scholarship Awards


LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Affiliate of the Armenian International Association announces the six recipients of the Hasmik Mgrdichian Scholarship Awards. Each year awards of $5,000 each are presented to fulltime California female students of Armenian descent, both under graduates and graduates, enrolled in accredited colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. It is encouraging and heartwarming each year to receive their applications and to learn of their scholastic achievements and goals for the future.

The Hasmik Mgrdichian Scholarship Awards was established in 2011 thanks to the continued generosity of Hasmik Mgrdichian, one of the founders of the Los Angeles Affiliate. The Los Angeles Affiliate of AIWA take great pride in her legacy to recognize and assist in the education of Armenian women.

The 2020 Hasmik Mgrdichian Scholarships were awarded to the following:

  • Ani Hakobyan, although born in Russia, she has not lived there ever since and grew up in the United States. She received a BA from UC Berkeley and will be entering her first year at the University of Southern California to pursue a master’s degree in education. Her goal is to hold a position in the Ministry of Education in Armenia.
  • Helena Nicole Kevorkian is a graduate of the AGBU Manoogian School. She will be attending the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, to pursue a degree in communications/public relations.
  • Mariam Khorenyan was born in Yerevan, and received her undergraduate degree from the American University of Armenia. She served as a volunteer in the Peace Corp in Tbilisi, Georgia. She will be attending New York University, pursuing a master’s degree in Global Affairs.
  • Tamar Nachian is a third-year student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her career goal is to pursue a degree in statistics and data science with an emphasis in biopsychology.
  • Lilit Oganessian will be attending the University of California, Davis. She is a first-year student in a PhD program in veterinary medicine. Her goal is to eventually work at a government agency whose focus is on issues associated with human relationship to animals.
  • Zhanna Ter-Zakaryan, born in Yerevan, received a baccalaureate from Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong and a bachelor’s degree in art history from the Art Institute of Chicago. She will be continuing her education at the Center of Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford.

Nicole Nishanian, President of AIWA-LA stated, “How inspiring it is to look at the dedication of the Los Angeles Affiliate’s Scholarship Committee, specifically our Scholarship Chair, Lily Balian. These past months when so many of us are concerned with the pandemic crisis, she has spent countless hours to communicate with each of the applicants, collected their transcripts, personal statements and applications. Lily, your leadership is an inspiration. My special thanks also to committee members Diane Cabraloff, Diana Hekimian, Hermine Janoyan, Houry Aposhian, Cindy Norian, Jean Kelegian and Lysa Gregorian.”

Lysa Gregorian, a member of the Scholarship Committee and the granddaughter of Hasmik Mgrdichian, stated, “Each year it is exciting to read about these exceptional women. Their successes and dreams inspire us. We appreciate their contributions to our Armenian culture and human race. This is just a glimpse of the future and it is going to be exciting.”

In the past, the scholarship recipients were invited to the AIWA-LA Annual Membership Luncheon to personally extend congratulations to the scholarship recipients and to offer them the opportunity to say a few words. During these difficult and uncertain times, and in keeping with the state and Los Angeles County Guidelines, this major event had to be postponed. The affiliate hopes to plan and arrange an event when it is safe and restrictions are lifted.

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