Armenians protesting in Switzerland on July 28

Protests in Geneva while German Ambassador Urges Calm


GENEVA (Armenpress, — A peaceful protest took place in front of the United Nations Office in Geneva against the recent military offensive unleashed by Azerbaijan against Armenia on July 28. The purpose of the demonstration, initiated by a number of Armenian community organizations, was to draw the attention of the Swiss public and the international community to the shelling of Armenia’s civilian population and infrastructure by Azerbaijan, accompanied by anti-Armenian hatred and xenophobia, as well as Turkey’s actions towards the promotion of regional tensions. The main slogans were aimed at stopping the aggression against Armenia, condemning the destructive actions of Azerbaijan and Turkey, and urging to establish a peaceful and secure environment.

A number of public and political figures delivered speeches. Among them were Lisa Mazzone, States Councilor and Co-Chair of the Switzerland-Armenia Parliamentary Friendship Group, Alain de Kalbermatten, head of the fraction of Christian-Democratic Party at the Geneva Municipal Council, Arnaud Moreillon, member of the Geneva Municipal Council from the Socialist Party, Sarkis Shahinian, honorary president of the Switzerland-Armenia Association and Secretary General of the Switzerland-Armenia Friendship Group.

A number of Armenian community organizations in Switzerland issued a joint press release that strongly condemned the military offensive of Azerbaijan against Armenia, and provided its detailed account. The Swiss-Armenians condemned the unequivocal support of Turkey to the aggression and its irresponsible and hostile attempts to jeopardize the fragile regional stability. They emphasized that threats to launch a missile strike at the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant is an act of state sponsored terrorism.

In a related story, Armenian ambassador to Berlin Ashot Smbatyan has urged Armenians living in Germany against participating in initiatives or protests not authorized by the authorities.

Smbatyan said Armenians should not contribute to the escalation of tensions, amid clashes between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in the various parts of the world.

The ambassador said there has been damage or destruction of property belonging to Armenian embassies, and cases of violence against the members of Armenian communities throughout the world.

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Smbatyan called for vigilance and urged social media users to not spread aggressive footage and comments.

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