Rev. and Mrs. Boynerian

Third Annual Couples’ Night Hosted by New England Armenian Clergy


WATERTOWN — Rev. Dr. Avedis Boynerian and Dr. Yn. Arpi Boynerian announced recently that for the third year in a row, the Couples’ Night Out event, a collaborative effort of the New England Armenian clergy, will take place.

The evening offers an opportunity to come together as a community to emphasize the values and importance of a healthy marriage relationship — one that shines as couples delight in each other spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Couples of all ages are invited to gather on Friday, March 13 at 6 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Armenian Church hall in Watertown and be uplifted by this year’s theme, “Marriage, Stress or Blessing!”

The speakers will be Rev. Dr. Vahan S. Kouyoumdjian and Yn. Maggie Tekeyan Kouyoumdjian.

As we all are aware, a marriage, like any other relationship, requires continuous attention, support and evaluation for it to be transparent, healthy and prosperous. These qualities keep the relationship as the core and foundation of our community.

The Boynerians wrote, “When we think of our spouse, the person we love, and we delight in them, it changes our hearts until we love what they love and do what they want to do. That is, it changes the perspective we have towards our spouse. When we delight in our spouse, we delight in being with them and delight in who they are.

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“It’s beautiful to be in a relationship to delight in someone, who brings the best out in us and the best of our spouse. If used appropriately, ‘delight’ is a word that lifts the couple up to face the ‘stresses’ and enjoy the ‘blessings.’”

Tickets are $100 per couple (includes buffet dinner). They can be purchased by contacting members of the New England Armenian Clergy.

(Rev. Dr. Avedis Boynerian is the pastor of the Armenian Memorial Church.)

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