From left, Prof. Taner Akçam, Ambassador Tigran Mkrtchyan and Siobhan Nash-Marshall

Christians in Need Foundation Lecture Tour in Baltics Discusses Genocide


GLENDALE — On December 8, Christians in Need Foundation (CINF) Vice-President Siobhan Nash-Marshall arrived in Lithuania to give a series of lectures across the Baltic countries. Taner Akçam was also invited as keynote speaker to present on his latest book, The Killing Orders of Talat Pasha and the Denial of Armenian Genocide. Nash-Marshall and Akçam’s were officially invited by Tigran Mkrtchyan, the ambassador of Armenia to the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Latvia, and the Republic of Estonia. Nash-Marshall’s lectures would be part of a larger event, meant to commemorate the Armenian Genocide and talk about the persisting Turkish denialism.

On December 9, Nash-Marshall gave her first presentation, hosted by the Lithuanian Embassy, at the Lithuanian Academy of Science. On December 10, she traveled to Latvia and gave her next lecture on December 11th at Latvia University. The final lecture was in Estonia, given on December 12 at the Tallinn Academy of Sciences. The final presentation was hosted by the Armenian-Estonian Society and the Estonian Embassy.

At every lecture a great number of Armenians, scholars, and students were in attendance. However, even before the arrival of Nash-Marshall and Akçam, some Turks and Azeris were advocating for the cancelation of the event.

Recordings of Nash-Marshall and Akçam’s lectures can be found at the following links:

Lithuanian Academy of Science

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