Sen. Bob Dole and Armenia's Ambassador to the US Varuzhan Nersisyan

Sen. Dole Receives Medal from Armenian Government


Yerevan (Mediamax) — On December 17 Ambassador of Armenia to the US Varuzhan Nersesyan presented the Order of Honor to Sen. Bob Dole, bestowed on the former senator for his considerable contribution to the development the friendly relations between Armenian and the US.

The Armenian Embassy in the U.S. said that Nersesyan expressed profound gratitude to Dole for his tireless efforts in 1980-90s for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, which in their turn contributed to the recent adoption of resolutions 296 by the House of Representatives and 150 by the Senate.

Dole noted that he was satisfied with such an impressive outcome of the long fight for justice. Reminiscing his great friend, Dr. Hampar Kelikian, who saved his life during the WWII, Dole underlined that he was always proud of his friendship with Armenians and Armenia.

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