Gohar Vardanyan

Legendary Soviet intelligence officer Gohar Vardanyan Dies


MOSCOW (Armenpress) — Soviet intelligence officer Gohar Vardanyan, the wife of the Hero of the Soviet Union Gevorg Vardanyan, died at age  93, the Armenian Embassy in Russia said in a released statement on Monday, November 25.

Gohar Vardanyan was companion in arms with her prominent husband for 45 years of service.

Gohar and Gevorg Vardanyan

She was born in1926 in Gyumri. In the early 1930s, her family moved to Iran. At age 16, she entered her future husband’s anti-fascist group along with which she lead an active intelligence work. She participated for thwarting Operation Long Jump, concocted by Adolf Hitler, headed by Ernst Kaltenbrunner, and led by Otto Skorzeny, which was an attempt to assassinate Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt at the Tehran conference in 1943.

Vardanyan and his wife worked as intelligence agents in several countries between the early 1950s and 1986.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also issued a statement. “It was with deep grief that I learned about the death of prominent Soviet spy Gohar Vardanyan. A legendary spy, real patriot and bright and unique individual has left us. She participated in outstanding intelligence operations. She had a great spirit, who, together with husband Gevorg Vardanyan devoted her entire life to the service and protection of the fatherland. During their entire life, the Gevorgyans kept contact with Armenia, helping the strengthening of their country in all ways. The memory about the legendary spy and her feats will remain alive in the hearts of many generations of the Armenian people, giving real lessons of patriotism to the future generations. I extent deepest condolences on behalf of the entire Armenian people and personally me to all the relatives and friends of Gohar Vardanyan.”


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