Members of the Kurdish community in Armenia demonstrate outside the US embassy.

Kurdish Community Members in Armenia Hold Rally outside US Embassy


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — On October 15 the Kurdish community representatives held a rally outside the US Embassy in Yerevan.

The Kurdish community of Armenia condemns the indifference of superpowers towards the ongoing Turkish aggressive operations against the Kurds in Syria. Drawing also the attention of the US on the matter, the Kurdish community today conveyed a letter to the US Ambassador in Armenia.

“We all condemn the genocidal, murderous policy of the Turkish authorities. We call on the whole world, the international community, the superpowers to leave aside their priority interests with a minute, hold the bloody, genocidal hands of Turkey and say “stop conducting genocide against different peoples every 100 years”, Kurdish MP of the Armenian Parliament Knyaz Hasanov said.

He stated that today the Turkish authorities’ policy is to eliminate all Kurds of the world, take the Kurdish lands and populate these territories with more than three million Islamists. “This will later become an evil for the peoples of the world, including for the US and Russia. Today we gathered here to condemn the US wrong policy against Kurds. We apply to the international community and the superpowers”, he said.

The Embassy representative promised to respond to the letter later.

One of the rally participants said they gathered here to try to stop Turkey from these aggressive actions.

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On October 9 Turkish forces launched an offensive in Syria’s north-east.



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