The press conference with the tech leaders

Tankian, Ohanian Announce High Connections


YEREVAN (Armenpress) —Armenian figures like co-founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital venture company Alexis Ohanian, singer/songwriter Serj Tankian, producer of the film “The Promise” Eric Esrailian and president of Synopsis Armenia Yervant Zorian have developed an idea to create a new online platform named “High Connect” that will link Armenians of the world, they announced at a press conference on October 8, on the sidelines of the World Congress on Information Technologies.

“We will create a pan-Armenian online platform that will give an opportunity to the Armenians throughout the world with various preferences to be linked,” Tankian said.

He noted that they have not planned the logistics yet. “For years we were thinking what to do to make Armenia attractive not only for Armenians, but also for others. We were thinking how to connect world-spread Armenians. And after thinking and discussing for a long period we came to the conclusion that we will use our shared interests to create small communities”, Tankian said.

He brought an example that an Armenian journalist can find different Armenian journalists in other countries.

Ohanian noted that they have understood how fortunate they are to have so many opportunities. “We must take lessons from our careers and use them for this platform, so as Armenians throughout the world, in the Diaspora can use it and prosper”, Ohanian said, emphasizing that the common idea has joint them.

Esrailian said that they have been discussing the idea for nearly one year, but they started thinking about that much earlier. “It will be really a great thing to have such a platform for connection. Not only technology will develop in Armenia, but it will ensure the link between Armenia and Armenians abroad. We are very devoted to this idea and will invest all our experience,” Esrailian said.

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