Dr. Hayk Demoyan

Dr. Hayk Demoyan to Present Book on Armenian Churches, Monasteries


WATERTOWN — Dr. Hayk Demoyan will present his newly released book, Armenian Churches and Monasteries in International Postcards, at the Tarvezian Hall of St. James Armenian Church on Sunday, November 3, starting 12:15 p.m. (immediately after Church).

The book is a showcase of the unique collection of late 19th-early 20th century antique postcards depicting rare photos and pictorials of the Armenian churches and monasteries. This illustrated volume contains unknown visual documents on the Armenian architectural heritage spread throughout Armenia, Caucasus, Russia, Europe, Asia and America. Unfortunately, many of these churches and monasteries did not survive and were demolished. Many foreign travelers and photographers were admired with the uniqueness of the Armenian architectural style and identity. The epoch of engravings and gravures replaced with photos and photo-postcards. The latter became a tool not only for communication but also spreading visual information about the country and important sights and ethnographic types of the country of destination.  The pictures of many of them survived only on photo-postcards. The book has more than 300 illustrations. Presentation will be accompanied with power point presentation.

Christianity’s roots extend after the Holy Lands deep into the land of Armenia, and it defined the events of Armenian life and history for many centuries. The churches and monasteries memorialized the Armenian life and spirit. This stunning, opulently illustrated book presents more than 300 most significant illustrations which capture the majesty of Armenian Church and monasteries while the text offers a vivid account of the traditions and history associated with them.

Demoyan, is an academic scholar and author of dozens of highly acclaimed books and publications on Armenian culture and history. One of his recent publications is the 600-page book titled, Armenian Legacy in America, A 400 Year Heritage. Both books will be available for sale after the presentation.

Demoyan was the former director of the Armenian Genocide Institute Museum in Yerevan where he served for more than a decade. Currently he is the Director of the Armenian Programs at the Aurora Humanitarian Institute in Yerevan, Armenia.

All are welcome to attend the special fellowship hour after the presentation of Demoyan’s newly published book,

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