Robert Avedisian during his speech, Rev. Fr. Gabriel Vardanyan, guest Celebrant of divine liturgy of the day and Rev. Fr. Hovsep Karapetyan, pastor of St. Mary church of Washington, DC.

Requiem Service At Washington’s St. Mary Armenian Church


WASHINGTON —  On Sunday, May 12, a Requiem Service was conducted at St. Mary Armenian church here for the souls of all freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Artsakh.

Afterwards, Robert Avedisian, Representative of Artsakh Republic in the United States, spoke about the sacrifice the Armenians done for the liberation of Artsakh and May 9, 1992, the liberation of Shushi, the day that all people of Artsakh had the chance to come out of their basements and see the light of sun and breath the smell of freedom.

It is very sad to note that citizens of Armenia who happen to work and live in Washington area, who’s sons and daughters are students at the church at the same time of this event, ignored all these accomplishments and they shined with their absence.


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