Garo Paylan

Paylan Asks Government to Open Archives


ISTANBUL (Armenpress) —  Turkish-Armenian Member of Parliament Garo Paylan has made an inquiry to vice president of Turkey Fuat Oktay over documents on the Armenian Genocide kept at Turkey’s State Archive.

In his letter he said that in the April 24 speech of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he said that “The doors of our archives are open before all those who aim to discover the truth. We have no secrets.”

Therefore, Paylan wrote, “Hence, we inquire about the fate of the records of the Turkish court-martial that operated from 1919-1922 aimed at bringing to justice the perpetrators who committed crimes against the Armenian people. The researchers inform that those records are not available for them.

“Aren’t the records of the court-martial kept in the state archive? When were the mentioned records first submitted to the archive? Where and in which archive’s catalogue were the data of the records for the last time?” he asked.

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