MP Frank Engel with Prime Minister Pashinyan

Pashinyan Receives European Parliament Member Frank Engel


YEREVAN ( — Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received European Parliament Member Frank Engel on Monday, February 18.

Pashinyan congratulated Engel on being elected as the new president of Luxembourg’s Christian-Social Party and wished him success. Pashinyan thanked Engel for his pro-Armenian activities and for regularly raising issues of concern for Armenia and the Armenian people in the European Parliament, as well as impartial representation of the Artsakh people’s fair struggle on international platforms.

Engel stressed that he will continue active cooperation with his Armenian counterparts. At the same time, he presented to Nicol Pashinyan the upcoming programs of the Christian-Social Party of Luxembourg and touched upon the current situation in the country’s political life.

The two discussed issues related to Armenia and Luxembourg as well as Armenia-EU relations. They also touched upon issues related to strengthening democracy in Armenia, fight against corruption, economic development, reforms in various spheres.

They also exchanged views on the Karabakh conflict settlement process.


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