Demonstrations on January 19 in Istanbul

Hrant Dink Assassination Anniversary Marked


ISTANBUL (Armenpress) — Armenian lawmaker of the Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan urged the Parliament on January 18 to deal with the investigation of the murder case of Istanbul-Armenian intellectual Hrant Dink, Gazete Duvar reported.

“After being murdered Hrant Dink became a symbol of seeking equality, pluralism, democracy and justice in Turkey. Twelve years have passed since his murder, but this case is still not disclosed,” Paylan said in the Parliament.

Presenting the details of Dink’s murder, the lawmaker said the state has also its share of guilt.

“Hrank Dink has been targeted by nationalists after publishing an article in 2004 about Ataturk’s daughter and first female fighter pilot Sabiha Gokchen which revealed that Gokchen had an Armenian origin. That time the Turkish General Staff issued a statement on this article, Dink also received warning from the Istanbul Governor’s Office”, Paylan said.

He noted that the Turkish officials and media also contributed to the intensification of nationalist moods against Dink. The Parliament of Turkey, however, rejected Paylan’s demand and proposal to investigate and contribute to disclosing the case.

A commemorative event dedicated to the 12th anniversary of the murder Dink took place on January 19 in front of the offices of Agos periodical, where he was killed in 2007.

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Commemorative events were also organized in other Turkish cities, as well as in Germany, the US and Belgium.

The Turkish Journalists Association (TJA) Chair Turgay Olcayto has said, “Hrant Dink was a value for the society because of his belief in democracy and human-focused works” in a statement commemorating the 12th anniversary of the murder of the journalist.

Olcayto said, “In the 12th anniversary of Dink’s departure as a result of a treacherous attack, we commemorate him with love and yearning” and added, “Hrant Dink, who made efforts for years for togetherness and friendship of Turkish and Armenian peoples, was a value for the society because of his belief in democracy and human-focused works.”

Other comments posted include the following.

“We want the judicial process to conclude as soon as possible.”

“Frankly, I wonder if the circles which made Hrant a target for hitmen by spreading hate speech feel the slightest pang of conscience.

“For 12 years, there is no hope in the lawsuits in terms of justice being served. We want and expect the ongoing trials, which were postponed to March, to conclude as soon as possible.

“Hrant Dink was our colleague, friend and a proficient, human-focused journalist who defended peace in every platform. We have never forgotten him. The pain is in our hearts all the time. We hope that media targeting journalists, artists and intellectuals will not be allowed to do this hereafter. Rest in peace, good person.”

(Binet contributed to this report.)

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