Vahe Berberian

Good, Not-So-Clean Fun with Vahe Berberian


By Taleen Babayan

Special to the Mirror-Spectator

Some members of the TCA Executive Board with Vahe Berberian at the Clinton Inn, from left, Harout Chatmajian, Marie Zokian, Vahe Berberian, Hilda Hartounian, Hagop Vartivarian and Barkev Kalayjian

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Delivering his signature style of comedy all the way from Los Angeles, Vahe Berberian performed his new monologue, “Ooremn,” to great enthusiasm at sold-out weekend performances on March 3 and 4 at the Clinton Inn in an event hosted by the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of Greater New York.

Tying together generations through contemporary and cultural references, Berberian elaborated, through humor, on the themes of marriage, religion, current events and social media during his one-hour-and-forty-five minute set in the Armenian language.

Conveying his astute ability to grasp observations of even the simplest everyday circumstances and situations, Berberian analyzed human relationships and interactions through the lens of comedy, relating to both Armenians and the world at large.

Hilda Hartounian, chair of the TCA, welcomed guests and gave an update on upcoming TCA-related events and activities, before introducing Berberian to the stage.

Tears of laughter at the Berberian show

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“Vahe, who has many talents, is someone very familiar to all of us,” said Hartounian. “We are so happy he is here among us today to perform his latest monologue.”

Berberian debuted “Ooremn,” his sixth monologue, last September in Glendale. He is currently on tour with his show, delighting audiences across the country and overseas. Fresh off performances in Lebanon and Canada, Berberian will continue to present his show to Armenian communities around the globe.

“I appreciate Vahe Berberian’s good humor and his jokes,” said guest Jirair Khorozian. “His comedy is hilarious and daring.”

“I enjoyed a lot of laughs,” said Andrew Saganda who attended the performance with his family. “It’s a wonderful time and perfect to watch with your parents as well.”

The Beirut-born Berberian, a Los Angeles resident for the past three decades, has pursued the arts through various channels, including writing, painting, acting and directing, among many other modes of creativity. His earlier popular monologues, aptly named, “ Yevaylen,” “Nayev,” “Dagaveen,” “Sagayn” and “Yete,” each probe into man’s existence, all the while entertaining his international audience.

“It was honor to host a multi-talented artist as renowned as Vahe Berberian,” said Hartounian after the show. “It’s always a privilege to organize events such as this that make us proud to be Armenian.”

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