Henrikh Mkitaryan

Henrik Mkhitaryan Helps Raise Funds for UNICEF


MANCHESTER, U.K. (Public Radio of Armenia) — Jose Mourinho and his Manchester United squad were out in force on Wednesday, November 15, as they attended the prestigious United for UNICEF Gala Dinner at Old Trafford. The 18th annual event raised $212,000 (£160,000) for UNICEF.


From left, Paul Pogba, Memphis Depay and Henrikh Mkhitaryan

All funds raised from this year’s dinner will go towards UNICEF’s work in Thailand, to support education programs for children with limited or no access to schooling. These children are among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Thailand. Many children in Thailand are denied access to education because of poverty, disability, gender discrimination and migrant status. UNICEF supports education for every child to provide them with the skills and knowledge to lead a better life and break the cycle of poverty for families, communities and countries.

Mourinho said: “I have always been very supportive of UNICEF, and my team and I are proud to once again be a part of this amazing event to support vulnerable children in Thailand. We have raised a fantastic amount of money tonight, which will help to support children with limited or no access to schooling, something that every child should, without question, have a right to.”

Attending his first UNICEF dinner since joining United in July this year, Victor Lindelöf said: “It’s going to be a fun night and it’s always nice to dress up a little bit, plus it’s great to be a part of this, because UNICEF do great work with kids all over the world so yes, it feels good to be here.”

Manchester United star and Armenia native Henrikh Mkhitaryan added: “It’s very important for the kids; every child should have a good childhood, to learn how to read and to write, so I hope we can make a difference.”

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Mkhitaryan then said in a Facebook post he’s proud to be a UNICEF Ambassador.

Armenia national team captain Henrikh Mkhitaryan was appointed UN National Goodwill Ambassador on November 9, 2016. Together with UNICEF, Mkhitaryan encourages Armenian families to get active and enable a fair chance for every child in the country with a focus on children’s and young people’s rights to get quality learning from early years and quality education in an inclusive environment.


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