Istanbul Street to Be Named after Photojournalist Ara Guler


ISTANBUL ( — The municipality of Istanbul adopted a decision to name Toshabag Street in the Beyoglu District after renowned Armenian-Turkish photojournalist, Ara Guler, Agos newspaper.

The source says the decision came despite the long practice of rejecting renaming street names. The 89-year-old photographer’s studio is located on the street.

Born in Istanbul in 1928 to Armenian parents, Guler, nicknamed nick named “the Eye of Istanbul,” worked in a number of branches of filmmaking in various studios. A graduate of the Istanbul University Faculty of Economics, Guler also worked as the Near Eastern photojournalist for Time-Life, Paris Match and Der Stern magazines. In 1953, Guler met Henri Cartier Bresson and joined the Paris Magnum Agency.  He was selected as “one of the world’s top seven photographers” in 1961 by the British-based Photography Annual Anthology.

He has interviewed and photographed a number of famous people, including Turkish President İsmet İnonu, Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, John Berger, Bertrand Russell, Bill Brandt, Alfred Hitchcock, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.


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