Sale of Russian Weapons to Azerbaijan Pains Armenia


YEREVAN (Public Radio of Armenia) — The sale of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan is the most painful issue in Armenian-Russian friendship, in the Armenian-Russian strategic partnership, and shadows many things, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said in an interview with R-Evolution program of Armenia TV. He added, however, that nothing serious has happened yet.

“We can condemn Russia if there are serious consequences. If not, we have to consider that it’s a long-term policy of Russia aimed at stabilizing the situation in the region,” President Sargsyan said.

The president said the calls to review relations with Russia can bring about extremely dangerous consequences.

“If we review relations with Russia, who can we improve relations with? Turkey? Or is everyone in NATO looking forward to Armenia’s arrival with open embrace?” the President said.

He added that “we cannot accuse all of supporting Azerbaijan, turn away from everyone and go against the world.”

“Our policy is as follows — we develop relations with close allies and cooperate with partners,” he stated.

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