Zabel Yesayan

Paris Street to Be Named for Zabel Yesayan


PARIS ( — A street in Paris will be named for the late Armenian writer, Zabel Yesayan in honor of the official visit of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to France.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo made the announcement last week during a meeting with the president in the Paris City Hall, the official website of Sargsyan noted.

“We have decided to rename one of the streets of Paris after Zabel Yesayan. She was in the midst of the suffering of the Armenian people and symbolizes all these sufferings. In Paris we retain the memory of all the sufferings of rebellions, struggles endured by the Armenian people, but at the same time we are opening the possible roads which will express hope, discoveries and initiatives also in Yerevan,’’ Hidalgo said.

Yesayan was the only woman to be rounded up on April 24, 1915. She was a novelist, translator and activist for women’s rights.



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