Myurishen Village to be Mine Free after Crowd-Funding Campaign


6c1103ed-22a9-4fe6-9156-b81121cf372bYEREVAN — The first crowd-funding campaign of its kind raised $30,000 to clear a minefield in Myurishen village, Nagorno Karabakh.

In a global first, The HALO Trust, an international non-profit, raised $30,000 to clear a minefield through crowd funding. The campaign ran for 30 days and 228 donors from 16 countries contributed to clear the minefield in Myurishen village, Martuni Region, in Nagorno Karabakh.

The contributions will be matched by an anonymous donor committed to making Karabakh Mine Free. The additional $30,000 will kick start the next crowd-funding appeal in Harar village, Lachin Region.

Clearance of the 1.8-acre minefield in Myurishen will commence in the spring (when weather permits) and will take ten to twelve weeks to complete. The demining will be conducted by Karabakh staff employed by the HALO Trust.

The project will benefit 500 Armenians living in Myurishen and the neighboring village of Vazgenasheg. It will prevent injury or death and release the village from the conflict of the early 1990s. It brings hope for the future and economic progress as clearance will enable a new access road to be built between the two villages and facilitate woodcutting and animal grazing.


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