Topic: Future Armenian Initiative

WATERTOWN — The Future Armenian Convention, a type of a citizens’ assembly (see prior coverage in the Mirror-Spectator) took place in Yerevan on March 10-12. One hundred participants from Armenia and Artsakh and one hundred from the[...]

WATERTOWN — The Future Armenian Convention or citizens assembly, which took place in March in Yerevan (see accompanying article), voted over three days on questions of policy and proposals for action in three broad fields. The main[...]

YEREVAN — The work of the Expert Committees of the Convention of the Future Armenian is coming to an end. On February 4, the last meeting of the committees took place in the format of a mini-Convention. This time, the participants[...]

WATERTOWN — During times of crisis, Armenians frequently call for unity as a people and a nation, and during the current era of Armenian independence a number of different fora had been created by various organizations and bodies,[...]