Athens ADL Adds Six New Members


ATHENS (Nor Ashkharh) – Taking advantage of the presence in Athens of Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian, the secretary of the central executive of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL)’s Reform and Unity Movement, the local ADL District Committee organized a meeting on September 4 with several dozens of participants in the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s Ararad Center.

ADL Honorary Chairman Dr. Sarkis Khachadourian introduced Kouyoumjian and then invited those joining the ADL to the stage. Among them was Vartan G. Ogonov, who is a specialist in international state diplomatic relations and the director of an international law firm who has settled in Athens.

Two new members enrolled the previous day with Kouyoumjian serving as their “godfather,” while four members took their oath on Sunday evening, again with Dr. Kouyoumjian. Afterwards Dr. Kouyoumjian revealed that the primary purpose of his visit was to speak about the activities of the ADL Reform and Unity Movement. This movement was created due to the inactivity of the ADL over the past twenty years and the unwillingness of those clinging to office to deal with this decline.

He said that though its members formed the majority of the ADL, it did not overlook any group in its attempt to create concord. Kouyoumjian spoke about its first and second meetings in Yerevan. Unfortunately, the same people who remained in positions of office for decades deliberately and wrongly interpreted the party’s bylaws in their favor.

As a consequence, he continued, in October of this year the third Reform and Unity assembly would take place at which representatives from all districts would take decisions concerning the revival and unification of the party. He stressed that the doors remained open for all ADL members of all districts to participate. He then proposed that a temporary seven-man executive be formed in Athens to deal with standing issues until new bylaws are ratified by a lawful general representative assembly.

Those present then rose in memory of of ADL members Aris Hazarian and Artin Andigian.

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