Israeli President Visits Jerusalem Armenian Patriarch


JERUSALEM ( — Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited the Armenian Church in Jerusalem’s Old City on the morning of May 9 and met with leaders of the Christian community in Israel. He was welcomed by Armenian Patriarch Nourhan Manougian, Israel National News reports.

Rivlin visited Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem on May 9 to convey his greetings to the leaders of different Christian Churches located on the Holy Land. Prelates of the Dioceses of Armenia Apostolic, Greek-Orthodox and Latin Churches were present at the meeting with President Rivlin at the Armenian Patriarchate.

“The Nazi regime succeeded in its plans against the Jewish people as the world kept silence and did not voice about the Armenian Genocide”, Nouvelles d`Armenie quoted Archbishop Manoogian as saying.

He said he hoped that Israel would recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Rivlin stated that Israel has a moral obligation to recognize the first genocide of the previous century, the Armenia Genocide, though he avoided using the term “genocide, adding that “it is impossible to ignore what happened.”

He said, “We are obliged to speak out about facts, but not to deny them.”

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He congratulated the Christians on May 9 and the past Easter holidays, adding that human rights defense is a priority issue for Israel.


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