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ADL LOGOIt is a painful reality to note that the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar) has been split for the last ten years. All endeavors to heal the rift during that period unfortunately have failed. Finally a reconstruction movement evolved through the initiative of well-meaning elements of the party. The worldwide movement engaged almost all regions of the party leading to a gathering in Yerevan in October of 2015. The convocation developed a platform and a road map towards a general reconciliation.

To finalize the action plan a second convocation will be held in Yerevan, Armenia on April 19-22, 2016.

The following statement is a call for participation to the above convocation.


A Call for Unity and Reform

FOLLOWING the resolutions of the Yerevan International Consultation (October 31, 2015) that was held in conjunction with the ADLP Armenia Convention, and whose primary aim was to try and bridge the gap between the various factions of ADL that has plagued the Party for over 20 years; by exploring the possibilities of a dialogue and compromise instead of engaging in futile exercises that time has shown to produce no tangible results.

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ACTING UPON its main resolution to nominate a committee of 6 formed by Engerner Edmond Azadian, Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian, Hagop Vartivarian, Ardavazt Melkissetian, Dr. Kevork Erzingatsian and to be coordinated by Vartan Nazirian in order to implement its resolutions (First Party);

TAKING NOTE of the various actions and the timeline proposed by this Committee in order to initiate a dialogue with the other camps represented by the current Central Committee (Second Party) whose term had already expired by November 2015;

RECALLING the fact that the Second Party has declined all recent efforts to meet the First Party in order to work out a genuine reconciliation program;

CONDEMNING the recent suspensions and expulsions from the Party ranks, without due democratic process, of party activists who were demanding reform and dialogue and were critical of the actions of the Second Party, as being incompatible with the spirit of dialogue and reconciliation;

DETERMINED to continue our mission in order to reorganize the Party along modern concepts, while at the same time keeping open all venues for a dialogue and unity, we have taken the following decisions:

To pursue the reorganization of ADLP leaving the door open to the Second Party and all other willing partners to join efforts in a spirit of reconciliation for a constructive dialogue;

To hold a much wider second international consultation on April 19-20, 2016 with the participation of members from chapters that are supportive in order to formalize the efforts to reconstruct, reform and rehabilitate the Party.

In order to direct the above efforts, to form a Committee for the Reconstruction of the ADLP.

This Committee For The Reconstruction of The ADLP ( RAG Veraganknoumi Vartchoutyoun) will remain active until such time that unity is restored and the Party reformed along our core values which are: the promotion of democratic and liberal values, occupation of the center ground in diasporan politics, promotion of good governance, independence of judiciary, transparency and accountability and fighting corruption wherever it may be, and championing the cause and universal right of nations subjected to Genocide. To this end the following program is proposed:

To formulate a new vision for our Party based on our core principles and incorporating the demands of a new world and independent Armenia;

To set into motion a process of critical self-evaluation to identify our weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and the threats we face;

To revise our generic by-laws to reflect our new vision, and formulate closer affiliation with ADLP in Armenia and our sister organizations such as the Tekeyan Cultural Association, Ararat Association, Chobanian Institute, Goganian and Dikran Yergat Association and others;

To develop a strategic action plan with defined time lines for the coming 3 years through a cohesive central committee and its affiliated ad hoc professional teams.

The next ADLP General Assembly that should be convened properly, with the participation of all and with the purpose of finalizing the unification of the ADLP, will be requested to have as its main agenda item, the results obtained above.

Armenians worldwide currently face a multitude of challenges in the wake of the commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Genocide. Our Unity & Reform movement aims at reclaiming our traditional role in the diaspora by mobilizing our ranks and the diasporan silent majority in promoting our core values, and in service of Armenia in collaboration with organizations with similar aims and aspirations.

Time is flying and we are losing precious time and failing in our mission. This is our battle cry inviting all to join us in order to rejuvenate and revitalize our Party. Let us break together this vicious cycle we have been trapped in and collectively move ahead to a virtuous one.


Edmond Azadian

Dr. Kevork Erzengatzian

Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian

Ardavazt Melkissetian

Hagop Vartivarian

Coordinator/ Vartan Nazirian

February 16th, 2016



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