Turkish-Armenian MP to File Complaint over Hate Speech


ANKARA (PanArmenian.net) — Garo Paylan, Armenian-born member of the Turkish parliament, has protested against hate speech towards ethnic minorities. Paylan, who represents pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party, expressed his concerns over the recent xenophobic statements, particularly remarks by Tolga Adiguzel, the head of the nationalist organization Hearths of Ideals, promising to file a complaint against him.

The nationalist threatened the Armenians of Kars after pianist Tigran Hamasyan gave concerts on Akhtamar Island and at the historical ruins of Ani. “What are we supposed to do now? Start a hunt for Armenians in the streets of Kars?” Adiguzel said at the time.

The newly elected MP said he heard quite a lot of hate speech against Armenians, sexual minorities and the Chinese people residing in Turkey over the recent period.

He added that the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office failed to demand justice. “The hate propaganda which goes unpunished intimidates people, paving the way for new crimes,” the Turkish-Armenian parliamentarian noted.


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