Armenia Welcomes Iran Deal with West


YEREVAN — On July 14, Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian issued a statement expressing his assent with the agreement reached over the Iranian nuclear program.

He said, “Armenia welcomes the agreement reached over the Iranian nuclear program as a result of constructive and goal-oriented efforts by Iran and the international mediators. This long expected agreement is an important achievement in favor of strengthening international, regional stability and cooperation.

“We hope that it will be an additional impetus to the enhancement of trade and economic cooperation between Armenia and friendly Iran, the realization of joint projects.”

Earlier, on July 11, Armenia’s president, Serge Sargisian, had met with Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati, the presidential press service reported. The delegation headed by Ali Jannati was participating in the International Conference “Cultural Policy: Policy for Culture” in Yerevan on July 11-13. The conference is held to mark the 70th anniversary of UNESCO.

Noting that throughout their centuries-old histories the Armenian and Iranian peoples left a most valuable and rich cultural heritage to the world and that the two peoples have much in common, the Armenian president said that culture occupies a special place in that community.

He noted with satisfaction that cooperation as part of the work on cultural heritage preservation has in recent years risen to a qualitatively new level. He expressed his gratitude for the work done to preserve the Armenian cultural and historical heritage in the territory of Iran and for the careful attitude towards that heritage. He assured the Iranian minister that Armenia has a similar attitude to Iran’s historical and cultural heritage.

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“The difficulties are temporary, but our friendship is eternal,” Sargisian said.



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