Armenian President: May 28 Is Glorious Example of Heroic Defense


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — On May 28, President Serge Sargisian participated in the event dedicated to the anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia at the Sardarabad Memorial Complex with Armenia’s high-ranking officials and guests. The President laid a wreath at the monument to the heroes of the Battle of Sardarabad and paid his respects.

Sargisian welcomed the participants of the military parade and congratulated everyone on First Republic Day. After the event, he visited the National Museum of History of Armenian Ethnography and Liberation Struggle of the Sardarabad Memorial Complex where he participated in a solemn award ceremony held on the occasion of First Republic Day. Awards and titles were granted to several Diaspora Armenian scientists, educators, economists, doctors, cultural figures, artists and athletes, as well as a group of soldiers of the Armenian Army on the occasion of Republic Day.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I cordially congratulate you on receiving the high awards and titles of the homeland. For every society it is important to find, appreciate and encourage the acts of those who deserve it. I believe the fact that you are receiving high state awards on May 28, Republic Day and here at Sardarabad Memorial Complex is the outstanding witness of the heroic spirit and the will of our people to struggle, the capability of living and being reborn. I believe that each of you will carry out the common task of building our homes, fixing our flaws and building a better Armenia with more vigor and dedication. I hope you continue and pave the way for others and support others’ ideas and initiatives. Once again, I congratulate you on receiving the awards and wish you success,” Sargisian said.

The president also addressed the people with a congratulatory address on the occasion of Republic Day, mentioning the following: “Dear compatriots, I congratulate you on the occasion of Republic Day. May 28 is unquestionably one of the most brilliant pages in the history of our history. It served as a glorious example of the heroic defense of our nation’s right to live and the brilliant start of the reinstatement of Armenian statehood after a century of interval. The victories that the Armenians scored in Sardarabad, Bash-Aparan and Ghara Kilisa in May helped save the last pieces of land of Eastern Armenia and the Armenians living on those lands. It was clear to everyone that the Armenians of Eastern Armenia would have the same fate as the Armenians of Western Armenia. This year, on the occasion of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, there have been and there will be several events in Armenia and in the Armenian Diaspora. Today, it is our duty to state that we Armenian workers, builders, soldiers, politicians, teachers and clergymen stopped the annihilation of the Armenians. We stopped it with the heroic battles in May and the establishment of Armenian statehood. May 28 is the day of the start of the salvation, revival and renaissance of the Armenians. Of course, our trials and tribulations didn’t end with the declaration of independence, but we resisted them as a nation with statehood. The state emblems of the First Republic of Armenia, including the flag, the coat-of-arms and the national anthem are now the state emblems of the Republic of Armenia. We are traveling on a new road that was paved on May 28, 1918. Glory to all the Armenians who scored victory on May 28! Glory and respect to the memory of all the martyrs who made May 28 possible! Glory to the First Republic of Armenia, which is the pillar of the current and future Armenia!”


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