President Sargisian Visits US Holocaust Memorial Museum


WASHINGTON — On May 6, President Serge Sargisian of Armenia, who was on a working visit to the US, visited the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. During the tour, the curator of the museum introduced the Armenian president to the exhibition items. After the tour, Sargisian inscribed a note in the museum’s guest book, which reads as follows: “I am very impressed with what I saw. This is a place whose walls embrace deep sorrow and at the same time a big ray of hope, emphasizing the advantage of confronting the past over its denial and disguise. This is an invaluable contribution as a silent, but vivid safeguard of the future.

“The museums devoted to crimes against humanity, such as this Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan, are not only aimed at paying tribute to victims, are not only the summarized memories of survivors, but also carry a clear message to present and future generations so that they always keep remembering the bitter memories of the past in order to take lessons and pass them down from generation to generation.”

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