Proclamation of Sainthood for Victims of Armenian Genocide


ECHMIADZIN – On April 23, the Armenian Church is canonizing the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide at the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin. The service will be led and presided over by  Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians, and Aram I, Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia. The canonization marks a major event in the history of the Armenian nation, as no elevation to sainthood has taken place in the Armenian Apostolic Church since the 14th century.

“The following is part of the service in which the 1.5 million martyrs are canonized:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, We, Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, and Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, through the grace-giving power of the Holy Trinity, the authority given by Jesus Christ and passed down through the first enlighteners of Armenia, the apostles Sts. Thaddeus and Bartholomew, with the intercession of the Holy Mother of God, St. Gregory, the Second Enlightener of the Armenian People, and all the saints, by resolution of the Assembly of Bishops and the witness of the Christian life of we hereby rank among the saints the Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide and declare April 24 ‘The Day of Remembrance of the Holy Martyrs who perished during the Armenian Genocide for faith and homeland.’

And now, Holy Martyrs, whose memory shall never fade, with petitions in blessed voice we call upon you. Accept our prayers and intercede for us that we also may with fearless love lift up our voices in unceasing praise to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and always and unto the ages of ages.”

The ceremony can be watched online at or


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