Special Mission


Special Mission – Nemesis Graphic Novel Launched at Tekeyan Centre.
YEREVAN — On the threshold of the Armenian Genocide Centenary, “Special Mission – Nemesis. Soghomon Tehleryan”, a graphic novel by Paolo Cossi, an Italian illustrator, J. B. Djian, a French scriptwriter, and Jean-Varoujan Sirapian, founder of Tchobanian Institute and Editions Sigest in France, was launched in Yerevan.
The novel-album was presented in four languages: Armenian and Russian sponsored by the RA Ministry of Culture and published in Areg print house in Yerevan, and French and English published by Editions Sigest in France (2000 copies of the French version already sold in France).
The presentation was organized by the Tekeyan Centre Fund and Institute Tchobanian. Present at the book launch were RA Deputy Minister of Culture Nerses Ter-Vardanian, Hayk Demoyan, director of The Armenian Genocide Museum – Institute, General Hayk Kotanjyan, representatives of the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin, leaders of different political parties, art critics, historians, journalists…
The audience was welcomed at Tekeyan Centre by the Director of the Fund Armen Tsulikyan who also introduced the authors of the album and emphasized the importance of the Mission Nemesis. Samvel Gasparyan, Director of Areg print house and the translator from French into Armenian, spoke about the publishing process of the album. Then Sirapian told about the idea of creating such an album and its mission. With the help of slide show he showed the work done in different archives to get true facts, documents and photos some of which, along with Paolo Cossi’s sketches, were exposed on the walls of Tekeyan Centre hall.
Demoyan and Ter-Vardanian spoke at the presentation, too, once again referring to the punishment of Turkish leaders who had orchestrated the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians. They also emphasized the importance of the album especially as a new genre in Armenia (the genre of comics) which is so impressive.
The presentation was followed with a reception and sale of albums in four languages. It is worth mentioning that “Nemesis” is already translated into Greek as well, and in the nearest future the German and Turkish variants will follow.

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