Lebanon ADL District Committee, Tekeyan Founders Meet


BEIRUT — ADL Lebanon’s District Committee initiated a meeting with Lebanon’s Tekeyan Founders’ Committee on Monday, September 16.

Both committees were represented by former deputy Hagop Kassardjian, chairman of ADL Lebanon’s District Committee Harout Yerganian, members, from left, Michael Vayedjian, Eddy Bahadourian, Nar Khatchadourian, Dr. Avedis Dakesian, Ardavazt Melkissetian, Hovsep Emirian, Ohan Bodrumian and Sarkis Seferian.

The meeting was held at the Tekeyan Cultural Association Center in Beirut. Also attending the meeting was Hagop Vartivarian, a member of the TCA Central of the US and Canada, who was in Beirut for this occasion.

In the meeting issues about Lebanon’s District Committee and about the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party worldwide were discussed.

As the meeting progressed smoothly and collaboratively, the committees decided to have more such exchanges regularly.

— Armenian Democratic Liberal Party

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Lebanon District Committee

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