California Court Turns down Armenians’ Suit on Inçirlik


SAN FRANCISCO (PanARMENIAN.Net) — California Court has turned down the US Armenians’ suit over the territory of the current US military base in Inçirlik, Turkey, CNN Türk TV channel reported.

In December 2010, a group of Armenians living in the United States filed a suit against the Turkish government. The claimants demanded compensation of $100 million from the Turkish government for the loss of property of their ancestors. According to the suit, the claimants’ grandfathers owned 49.5 hectares of lands in Adana, including the territory of the current U.S. military base in Inçirlik.

The judicial proceedings, which lasted about three years, ended by the Court’s verdict calling the issue “political rather than judicial,” Turkish media said citing the TV channel.

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