Virtual Tour of Yerevan’s Genocide Museum Now Available


YEREVAN (Hetq) — On the eve of the 98th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, US-based Memco Inc. has updated and released a virtual tour  of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in an interactive 3-D format.

The virtual tour allows visitors from around the world walk through the Armenian Genocide Museum and the surrounding grounds.  Additionally, in remembrance of the victims of the genocide the visitors can place flowers by the eternal flame.

Memco Inc. President Garen Melikian says the idea for such a format came about because he lives in the US and is not able to visit Tzitzernakaberd on a yearly basis.

“By creating the internet museum we wanted to give our compatriots living in Armenia and overseas, as well as friends of the Armenian people, who don’t have the possibility of visiting Tzitzernakaberd in person and paying respect to the victims of the Genocide, that same opportunity,” noted Melikian.

The creation and maintenance of the Armenian Genocide Virtual Museum is a charitable contribution made by Memco Inc.

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