ALMA Hosts ‘Genocide: A Joint Commemoration


WATERTOWN — On Sunday April 21, at 2 p.m., the Armenian Museum of America (ALMA) will present a joint commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, the Cambodian Genocide and the ongoing Genocide in Darfur.

The Armenian Genocide provided a blueprint for many other genocides of the 20th century. Armenian-Americans understandably focus each April on commemorating the Armenian Genocide. Recognizing that their Genocide is a forerunner for countless other genocides, Armenians share the pain of all other genocides.

This year’s joint commemoration will feature talks by Kowith Kret, a survivor of the Cambodian Genocide, Eric Cohen, president of the Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur and Prof. Armen Marsoobian of Southern Connecticut University who will discuss the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide.

An exhibition on the Cambodian Genocide will be on display in the Terjenian-Thomas Gallery on the third floor and an exhibit on the genocide in Darfur will be mounted in the Contemporary Art Gallery on the same floor. The museum’s permanent Armenian Genocide exhibition is on display on the second floor.

Admission is free and open to the public. ALMA is located at 65 Main Street.

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