Independent Armenia, President Serge Sargisian Celebrated at ADL


CLIFFSIDE PARK, N.J. — The New York-New Jersey chapter of the Armenian Democratic Liberation organization (ADL) celebrated the emergence of an indepdent Armenia as well as its president, Serge Sargisian, at an event on February 9.

The support that the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party of the US and Canada has lent to Armenia’s integrity, remains, as well as in support of the current president and his quest for a safe and prosperous Armenia.

Inspired and motivated by these important events as well as sentiments, the ADL chapter, with the support of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America (Eastern Diocese), Knights of Vartan, the Armenian Missionary Association of America, Armenian Catholic Eastern Diocese, The Armenian Assembly of America and the Tekeyan Cultural Association, organized an evening of support for President Serge Sargisian, that took place on February 9 at the Palisadium. Despite the snowstorm, supporters gathered from far and near.

The evening’s master of ceremonies, Hagop Vartivarian, first welcomed the different organizations and attendees, welcoming the guest of honor, Primate of the Diocese of the Eastern Armenian Church of America, Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, AMAA’s president, Dr. Levon Filian and Father Garabedian and benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Nazar Nazarian, Hratch Toufayan, Sarkis Bedevian, Andreas Roubian, Papken Megerian, ADL District Committee co-chair, Dr. and Mrs. Raffi Hovanessian, Irma and Sylva DerStepanian, Mr. and Mrs. Saro Hartunian, Mr. and Mrs. V. Aynilian, Dr. Jacques Gulekjian and Dr. Vaghenag Tarpinian for their support.

As the national anthems of Armenia and the ADL anthems were sung, the attendees stood with National pride and a sense of gratification for a triumphant victory soon to be claimed.

Artemis Nazarian

The attendees were treated to festive nationalistic Armenian music and dance performed by Houyser and Talar Zokian. The festivities continued after the cocktail and dinner reception. Artist Roudig Der Bedrossian presented his hand painted oil canvas of president Serge Sargisian, to be hung in the new facility of the TCA Greater New York.

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The forum continued with the president’s military video aimed towards secure Armenia.

Vartivarian then invited the representatives of the organizations to the podium. Zartonk Daily’s editor, Baydzig Kalayjian, who had arrived from Beirut especially for this event, invigorated the attendees with her warm and heartfelt speech. She noted that the community had gathered with pride to stand beside its beloved motherland. “For the past 70 years, we have always supported it within the different eras and struggles, for the sake of the rebirth of our independent motherland,” she said.

Then Artemis Nazarian, a community benefactor, made an impromptu heartfelt announcement, that she has fond memories of her uncle, who was a Ramgavar, and had taught her Armenian language and history in the Agoumps, and the Ramgavars have always remained in the same parameters, and enthusiastically proclaimed “long live the Ramgavars and long live Armenia!”

Van Krikorian, chairman of the Armenian Assembly of Assembly, spoke of the very sound foreign policy that the current government of Armenia has developed under the leadership of president Serge Sargisian.

Fillian spoke of the importance of Armenian unity and harmony.

Harout Chatmajian, co-chair of the TCA, spoke of the TCA’s past support of the motherland since its inception of 1947. Its mission was to teach, prepare and rebuild a generation of strong patriots. TCA is happy for the focus on the diasporan communities and the establishment of the diasporan ministry under the leadership of president Serge Sargisian.

Dr. Vaghenag Tarpinian, Co-Chair of the TCA, spoke on behalf of the Eastern United States and Canada ADL committee, who had graduated from Yerevan State Medical Institute 39 years ago, spoke of Armenia’s independence 21 years ago, ADL was the second most popular body of representatives after the Armenian National Movement, under President Levon Der Bedrossian, having 17 representatives. He spoke of the economic and social struggles, the Karabagh conflict and the earthquake and the return to the liberal democratic form of government under the leadership, prudence and farsightedness of president Serge Sargisian, and announced ADL’s endorsement of the president, and called for the combined efforts of all of our Armenian organizations, to attract international public opinion toward our just cause and belated reparations.

Barsamian concluded the event with his prayer after acknowledging the community leaders and organizations. He spoke of Armenia’s forward march into the 21st century, noting, “We must march with faith. We have witnessed the status of our people improve over the past generation, our flag being raised at the United Nations, a national dream come true, and the forward progress of our republic. We in the diaspora are also part of this march; we have been a part of this journey from the very beginning. We are part of a cause much greater than ourselves. The significance of this forum taking place two days after the unique Armenian feast day dedicated to the Vartanantz Saints. For they understood- and proved with their lives- that our service to the nation needs to be grounded in service to God.”

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