Dickran Abasian Receives Boghos Nubar Pasha Medal


ATHENS — Dickran Abasian, chairman of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) District Committee of Greece received the Boghos Nubar Pasha medal of service from the Ministry of Diaspora of Armenia for his 40 years of service and dedication to the Armenian Community of Greece through the AGBU Kalpakian Daily School, the
Armenian Democratic Liberal Part y, the Ararat Cultural Association and the weekly NorAshkharh.

Abasian graduated from Melkonian Educational Institute of Cyprus and trained as a computer data analyst. He has been chairman of the AGBU Athens chapter for more than two decades. At the same time, he has served in leadership positions at the local ADL chapter and Ararat Cultural Association. For many years, he managed the Nor Ashkharh weekly newspaper of the ADL, which is published in Greek, Armenian and English.

The medal was bestowed on him on December 28 by the Ambassador of Armenia to Greece Gagik Ghalajian during an official ceremony at the Armenian Embassy in Athens.

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