Armenian-Americans Support NYC’s John S. Liu


By Hagop Vartivarian

NEW YORK — Lobbying is not easy work for Armenian-Americans. It requires as much financially as it does in the time spent forming relationships.

If we are happy today that economic assistance continues to flow to Armenia and Karabagh, then we must acknowledge that this is simply the result of the stubborn work by those American-Armenian political circles engaged in lobbying. And when we obstinately insist on the American Congress accepting the truth of the Armenian Genocide, we realize that this also will be the result of decades of labor.

One example of work in this realm took place on the evening of Sunday, September 18, in Andreas Roubian’s Saddle River, NJ home, where a fundraiser was organized to honor and benefit New York City Controller John S. Liu.

More than 100 Armenians came to thank the Taiwanese-born, American-raised and Armenophile New Yorker, who for the past five years has been present and has spoken at the Times Square commemorative events dedicated to the Armenian Genocide. Hirant Gulian presented to those assembled the work that Liu has conducted in support of the Armenian Cause and the Armenians. Gulian assured the audience that Liu soon would become New York City’s next mayor.

Liu’s colleague, neighbor and family friend Garabed “Chuck” Apelian concisely introduced Liu’s beliefs concerning Armenians.

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The guest of honor then spoke, thanking those present and decaring that indeed he was preparing to run for mayor.

(Translated from the Armenian original.)

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