Communiqué: The ADL World Council Is Founded


As informed by mass media reports, on October 2-8, the ADL-Armenagan unifying assembly was convened in Yerevan with the participation of 56 delegates representing 16 chapters of the reformed Armenagan-ADL and of Diasporan ADL chapters. Thus, present were party delegates from Armenia, representing various districts of Yerevan, as well as from the provinces of Arakadzodn, Armavir, Shirak, Lori, Vayots Dzor, Zangezur and Tavoush, and from the diaspora — US East and West coasts, Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Lebanon, Iraq, as well as, for the first time, two representatives from Iran as observers.

Several party members had sent letters from different districts regretting they could not attend the assembly for reasons beyond their control.

Prior to the opening of the assembly, a delegation representing various districts, including three noted past chairmen of the party’s Central Committee, were received by the president of the Republic of Armenia, Serge Sargisian, president of the National Assembly (Parliament) Hovig Abrahamyan, Prime Minister Tigran Sargisian and Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, and discussed the party’s activities in the homeland and abroad, issues related to Armenia-Turkey relations and efforts for economic development of Armenia.

The formal inauguration of the party was held on the morning of November 3 in the Arno Babajanian Hall of the Philharmonic of Armenia, with the participation of close to 300 members of ADL and Armenagan as well as representatives of political parties of Armenia and the press corps. On the same afternoon, the assembly continued in the main hall of the Tekeyan Center, confined only to party members. The session was chaired by Armen Manuelian and dealt with a previously-prepared agenda. The delegates from the diaspora were impressed by the youthful practicality and maturity of the Armenagan-ADL leadership and expressed confidence that the party presents a promising future in Armenia, and pledged to help the strengthening of the Armenagan-ADL party by all means.
Dr. Arshavir Gundjian presented in a concise manner the current sad situation created by a group of irresponsible people in the party driven by vanity and adventurism. Without mentioning names, not to glorify the said clique. Dr. Gundjian and other participants talked about the wasted efforts spent in the US and Canada, particularly in February 2009, to bring about a consensus or cooperation with the said group for the sake of and for the benefit of the party.
Unfortunately, all attempts of consultation, counsel, advice and admonition were to no avail. The group that considered itself above the law, along with their profane representative in Armenia, merited to be declared persona non grata. Faced with this situation, said Dr. Gundjian, we have come not simply to attend the assembly of Armenagan-ADL, but also to seek a consensual outcome of reorganization of the party, to give her new vigor and impetus, especially in these days when the Armenian people and the homeland are facing crucial issues.

In a separate address, Hagop Avedikian reported on the party’s activities in Armenia and projected the challenges it faces to prepare for participating in the 2012 parliamentary elections in contrast to the total inactivity of the ADL during the last three state elections.

After four consecutive sessions, consultations and discussions spread over two days, by a majority decision, the assembly adopted a resolution to establish the ADL World Council, which would comprise all levels of districts, chapters and individual party members in Armenia and in the diaspora. The Council will have an Executive Committee, which will be charged with the preparation of a set of bylaws, purposes and scope of activities. It was also decided that the headquarters of the party will be located in Yerevan, considering the proximity of state structures for immediate relations and the availability of specialists in corresponding activities, as well as financial matters. After all, ADL had originally aspired to be established in the homeland and to become a party centered in Armenia.

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It was decided:

1) The current assembly to be considered the founding assembly of the ADL World Council; 2) to form the Executive Committee, which is the ruling body of the ADL world Council, comprised of six members from the Diasporan and five members from Armenia, who are: Armen Manuelian (Yerevan), Papken Megerian (Philadelphia), Varoujan Sirapian (Paris), Nar Khatchaturian (Beirut), Hagop Avedikian (Yerevan), Edmond Azadian (Detroit), Hagop Vartivarian (New York), Vartan Nazirian (Los Angeles), Souren Sarkissyan (Yerevan), Gayane Mouradyan (Yerevan), Siregan Kevorkyan (Yerevan). The officers (Divan) of the Executive Committee were also elected as follows: Chairman Hagop Avedikian; Vice Chairman Edmond Azadian; Secretary Gayane Mouradyan; Treasurer Papken Megerian; Press Director Hagop Vartivarian. By acclamation, Dr. Nubar Berberian (Boston) was elected honorary president. 3) To charge the Executive Committee to prepare with the next six months the Bylaws of ADL World Council and an annual budget, 4) To set up the headquarters of the ADL World Council in Yerevan, and to consider existing offices in Boston and Montreal as branch offices, 5) To appeal to all ADL districts, chapters, individual party members and affiliates to join the World Council, 6) To set up a website that will be maintained by the party’s headquarters in Yerevan, 7) In October 2010, to call for an assembly to discuss and to approve the new Bylaws, to discuss the activities of the current year and to plan activities that will involve the youth.
We hereby call upon all members of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party and affiliates to enroll in the ranks of the ADL World Council so that the party, the affiliated and concordant circles will become a reformed power in Armenia and in the diaspora, to equilibrate Armenian life in the world, and to modernize and perfect the ways and means of facing the modern-day challenges of our people.

All party members can apply through the following e-mail to become part of ADL World Council: e-mail,, To all party and national organizations, the official addresses of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party are: Yerevan: Koryuni 19 A, Yerevan 37025 — Republic of Armenia; United States: 755 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, MA 02475; Canada: 825 Rue Manoogian, St. Laurent, QC. H4N 1Z5, Canada.

— Armenian Democratic Liberal Party
World Council

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