Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee, left, with Timonthy Jemal (Photo taken on June 7, 2023)

Global ARM Expands DC Lobbying Team


WASHINGTON — Global ARM, a newly formed nonprofit organization focused on enhancing security and economic ties between the US and Armenia, expanded its D.C. advocacy by retaining the lobbying firms McKeon Group and Plurus Strategies. McKeon and Plurus will focus their lobbying efforts on Congress, the executive branch and think tanks with influence over US foreign policy. Both lobbying groups have significant bipartisan ties in Washington.

“Global ARM is laser-focused on advocating for deeper economic and security ties between the US and Armenia,” said Timothy Jemal, president of Global ARM. “Our mission is to advocate for a free, independent and more secure future for Armenia and the Armenian people. We will combat hate, extremism and authoritarianism in the South Caucasus and seek justice for Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh who were ethnically cleansed from their indigenous homeland. We are very pleased to have the McKeon Group and Plurus Strategies onboard.”

Global ARM is a US-based nonprofit organization formed in 2022 by experienced lobbying and political professionals to implement smarter, stronger and more effective pro-Armenia and pro-Artsakh lobbying in Washington, D.C. Global ARM is non-partisan and not aligned with any political party or government inside or outside of Armenia. Global ARM has established an office in Washington.

The US remains a key actor to deter further Azerbaijani aggression, hold Aliyev accountable for documented human rights abuses and provide increased humanitarian, economic and security assistance to Armenia at a time when the country’s existence is at stake.

“For more than 20 years, politically connected Azerbaijani and Turkish lobbyists in Washington have succeeded in pursuing an aggressive anti-Armenian lobbying and PR agenda,” added Jemal. “We have been playing a high-stakes lobbying and political game without the best team. We are confident that with the McKeon Group and Plurus Strategies on board we will succeed in strengthening US-Armenia ties and bringing Azerbaijan to justice. We welcome additional funders and supporters.”

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