Cher launches Cherlato (Photo courtesy of Food and Wine)

Cher Is Launching a Gelato Company, and the Name is Spectacular


By Stacey Leasca

LOS ANGELES (Food and Wine) — Over the weekend, Cher shared (say that 10 times fast) some sweet news with her fans. And it’s likely the last thing you’d expect from the 77-year-old musician.

On Saturday, Cher took to her Instagram account to announce to fans that she’s launching a new gelato company. And even she acknowledged how out of left field this seems.

“Yep, this is real … I’m launching my gelato … Watch out LA! All started five years ago, and now it’s finally HAPPENING. More to come,” Cher wrote in the caption of the video post.

In the video, we get a glimpse of what looks to be a colorful ice cream truck emblazoned with both the logo “Cherlato,” which we can only assume is the name of the brand, along with images of Cher licking a massive scoop of gelato while her hit song “Believe” plays over the post.

Though she didn’t confirm any other details about the venture, fans were quick to jump in the comments with their own theories about what flavors we can expect.

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“Featuring such flavors as: Ginseng, Tramps, and Thieves— If I Could Turn Back Lime — Dark Chocolate Lady,” one commenter wrote. “Flavors had better be based on song titles!‘I Got Ube Babe, Believe in Life After Rum, If I Could Turn Back Lime, The Scoop Scoop Song (It’s in His Hershey’s Kiss’). Best I could come up with at almost 2 a.m.,” another added. And one more commenter revised some classic Cher lyrics in their response, adding, “But after all, said and done/ You can have an Ice Cream Cone.”

Though Cher has had plenty of other ventures, including a clothing line, perfume, and of course, her beloved film, television, and music career, she, perhaps surprisingly, has never stepped foot in the food world before. Though we’re sure her first foray into food will be a delicious one, because, c’mon, it’s Cher.

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