Dr. Rouben Mirzakhanyan with an image from the new website in the background

New Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Website Unveiled in Yerevan


By Christine Melkonyan

YEREVAN — The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of Armenia unveiled its new website, www.armtmm.com, in Yerevan at the Tekeyan Cultural Center on December 16, 2022. The new platform aims at popularizing artists of Armenian origin both in the homeland and abroad. It presents Armenian culture and famous Armenian authors and their creations.

Dr. Rouben Mirzakhanyan speaking about the new website at the Tekeyan Center in Yerevan

The website has a section called Cultural Exhibition Hall, which includes the works of contemporary folk artists of the Republic of Armenia whose creations adorn world famous exhibition halls and museums. Visitors from any part of the world can view paintings, jewelry, sculptress, musical instruments, and Armenian national costumes. In addition, there is a genealogy service available which provides the opportunity of becoming familiar with family histories, providing explanations, stories, excerpts, documents and sources. It is even possible to apply for a copy of your family crest, in different formats.

An image from the new website

News will also be given an important place on the website, with daily updates covering events and developments of interest to the public both from Armenia and beyond its borders.

At the presentation of the platform were present members of the TCA of Armenia, guests, and collaborators – 31 authors and creators of culture.

Dr. Rouben Mirzakhanyan, the president of the TCA of Armenia, thanked the artists for their cooperation, and assured the audience that the TCA has set itself the task of multiplying its number of partners within one year and presenting Armenian culture to the world with the new interpretations of contemporary artists. Mirzakhanyan also emphasized the journalistic role of the website, which presents not only local news, but also information from a number of Armenian-language and foreign language newspapers of the Armenian diaspora.

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“In the near future, other services will be available on the website, including a genetic passport, in which the results of genetic research are presented in various manners. It is exceptional when a number of services such as those mentioned above and others to be implemented in the near future are presented jointly. I assure you that this will be a pan-Armenian cultural platform,” added Mirzakhanyan.

Paravon Mirzoyan

People’s Artist of Armenia Paravon Mirzoyan expressed gratitude for such an initiative on behalf of the artists represented on the platform. “We should be grateful to the Tekeyan Cultural Association of Armenia, which continues its cultural preservation activities to show the world who we are. The Association is one of those structures that brings honor to our people,” added Mirzoyan.

Note that you can see more details about the website via this English-language video: .

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