Armenian Democratic Liberal Party Condemns the New Azerbaijani Attack on Armenia


We join our voice to that of all peace-loving people to condemn the September 13 Azerbaijani attack targeting the regions of Sotk, Jermuk, Kapan and Vardenis, all within the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia, which resulted in at least 49 deaths and many wounded.

It is the duty of every Armenian in the world to reflect on this alarming situation and to raise his voice of protest.

It is also the duty of the Armenian authorities to powerfully protest in the appropriate quarters, and even more so to counter the press and media campaign unleashed by Azerbaijan and Turkey and disseminate the voice of justice.

Azerbaijan is negotiating with Armenia under the pretense of signing a peace treaty. With these attacks, it is trying to impose its own conditions, which compromise Armenia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

When the sovereignty of any country is in question, first of all, the UN and relevant bodies should counter the existing danger not only by supporting the victim in question, but also by maintaining their principles of the maintenance of harmony and peace between nations.

In this connection, we welcome the initiative of the French authorities to place this alarming incident on the agenda of the UN Security Council, and we also welcome the decision of the Security Council of Armenia to apply to the UN, the Russian Federation and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to halt this aggression.

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Armenia, as a full member of the CSTO, has the right to make use of its membership, while the CSTO in turn, remaining faithful to its principles, must make a distinction between Armenia, its member, and the latter’s enemy.

Finally, it is time to create internal unity among the people of Armenia, as well as within state structures. The position of the parliamentary opposition, which does not join the majority in condemnation of the Azerbaijani attack, is both incomprehensible and reprehensible.

Compatriots and friends, when the sovereignty of Armenia is in danger, it means that the alarm bell has been sounded for pan-national mobilization.

Today, the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party calls on all Armenians to unite in the spirit of Sardarabad and collectively face the Azerbaijani threat.

Armenian Democratic Liberal Party


September 13, 2022

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