The temporary marker at Dr. Vahakn Dadrian’s gravesite in Tokhmakh Cemetery

Vahakn Dadrian’s Family Representatives Issue Press Release about Grave


Professor Vahakn Dadrian’s grave was allowed for years to lay abandoned, uncared for, trash-strewn, and without even a marker, much less a tombstone. This has been the source of great anguish among the public. We, who represent the family in this regard, offer the following statement to inform the public for the developments.

After learning about the state of his gravesite, Dadrian’s long-time friends and acquaintances contacted his surviving sister, Mrs. Meline Hazarian and other close family members. She was greatly distressed upon learning of the state of her late brother’s place of burial and that the family had been blamed for this neglect. She turned to Maggie Mangassarian Goschin, a close confidant of Dadrian for many years until his passing, Dadrian’s dear friend Hirant Gulian and his former student Dr. Taner Akçam and gave them full authority to complete his neglected gravesite.

In the family’s name, a conversation was then arranged with a representative of the Armenian Foreign Ministry. There the representative was informed that the family and close relatives had been greatly aggrieved to learn that they were being blamed and were prepared to cover all expenses for the grave’s maintenance, along with a tombstone, and immediately made a formal request for one to be prepared.

The responsible person from the Ministry referred to Professor Dadrian as an Armenian “national hero” who deserved a grave befitting of the same and promised to involve themselves immediately. Moreover, it was relayed to us that the government would cover all expenses involved and that there would be no need for any further financial contribution from the family’s side.

We raised the suggestion on the family’s behalf that, apart from the cleaning and maintenance of the existing gravesite, a plaque be placed in Dadrian’s name on the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex. The official responded positively, calling it a very good idea, and promised also to report back future developments.

The meeting was held on August 24, 2022. As of today, no response has been forthcoming. We are very optimistic and hope that the representatives will contact the persons those acting on the family’s behalf.

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It is the greatest wish of all involved that Vahakn Dadrian be provided with the gravestone and memorial that he deserves. We will inform the public whenever there are new developments on the matter.

Maggie Mangassarian Goshin

Hrant Gulian

Taner Akçam

September 13, 2022

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