Bishop Daniel Findikyan

Primate Issues Call for Funds to Aid Ukraine Armenian Refugees


NEW YORK — At the directive of Diocesan Primate Bishop Daniel Findikyan, all churches of the Eastern Diocese will take up a special collection on Easter Sunday, to aid Armenians who are suffering in Ukraine.

All funds collected will go to the Armenian Church Diocese of Ukraine, for distribution to Armenian families and individuals in need. Bishop Marcos Hovhannisyan, Primate of the Ukrainian diocese, will personally oversee the distribution of aid.

In an April 8 directive to Diocesan clergy, the Bishop Daniel wrote:

“This morning I was able to speak with Bishop Marcos, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Ukraine. With great valiance and humility, Marcos Srpazan is in Kyiv doing his very best to care for his community under the current nightmarish circumstances. Of the approximately 350,000 Armenians in Ukraine he knows of 37 confirmed deaths from the war thus far, including seven Armenian servicemen of the Ukrainian military, who died defending the land which is their home.

“The situation in Kyiv has improved somewhat in recent days with the retreat of Russian forces. Food and supplies are available, but most people cannot pay for them because they have not been working and have no income. Their situation remains dire.

“As a concrete gesture of gratitude to God for the blessings we enjoy as American-Armenians, I hereby direct that a special collection be taken in all churches of our Diocese on Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022 to assist our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Ukraine. All donations should be forwarded immediately to the Diocese in New York, where they will be securely wired directly to the Armenian Diocese of Ukraine. I am in regular contact with Bishop Margos, who will personally oversee the use of the funds to assist families and individuals in his communities that are in need. He will report to us accordingly.

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“In the spirit of the Easter season, when we celebrate God’s total self-sacrifice for the salvation of his people, I urge our clergy and faithful to give generously.”

Make an online donation to help in this effort, via the Eastern Diocese’s secure server, at

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