SSAES 2021 Elementary Graduates with their Principal and Teachers

St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School 2021 Graduation Ceremonies


WATERTOWN — In June 2021, despite the Pandemic, St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School (SSAES) successfully completed its 37th academic year. The Graduation Ceremonies were held on June 17 (Kindergarten) and June 18 (Elementary). Due to the State Health and Safety Regulations, only the parents of the graduates were invited to the ceremonies, which were held in the Hovnanian Hall of the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center (ACEC).

Both Kindergarten and Grade 5 students presented poems and an Armenian Dance. In addition, the Kindergarten students presented a short play, while the elementary students read their farewells.

In her remarks, Principal Houry Boyamian announced that in addition to completing fully the curriculum in each grade, the school was able to conduct many extra-curricular activities. The pandemic did not stop us in having virtual celebrations of Armenian Cultural Day, Vartanants Day, May 28, a commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, two talent shows, a State of the School Address, a visit to the Armenian Museum of America, guests authors, roundtables, and a one-week virtual trip to Armenia for fifth graders. As for next year, she announced that the enrollment numbers will be much higher with the addition of many new students. She concluded her remarks by expressing her profound gratitude to the Teaching and Administrative Staff, to the School Board, the Education, Health and Technology Committees, as well as to Der Antranig and the St. Stephen’s Church Board of Trustees. She thanked the parents for their encouragement and unwavering support in this most challenging year with the Pandemic.

SSAES 2021 Kindergarten Graduates with Principal Houry Boyamian, Fr. Antranig Baljian, Teachers Alik Arzoumanian and Diane Chiappinelli

On June 17, 15 students graduated from Kindergarten. They are: Fiona Abidian, Mona Arzunyan, Alec Avakian, Samuel Barsoumian, Ellen Boyamian, Areni Garabedian, Olivia Ghazaryan, Areni Hamalian, Serop Khatchadourian, Haig Mardiros, Aiki Mikaelian, Hovhannes Sargent, David Simonyan and Lyanna Thompson.

On June 18, 14 students graduated from the elementary division, bringing the number of graduates up to 348. They are: Nellie Aghajanyan, Nara Potookian Behbahani, Avedis Bell, Emma Fontes, Isabel Fontes, Armen Galaian, Stepan Guzelian, Julia Kebadjian, David Oganesian, Lori Panossian, Gassia Sarkissian, Tatevik Sarkissian, Bella Tamburrini and Talia Tarabelsi.

In his remarks, Rev. Antranig Baljian, expressed his appreciation to the administration and faculty for their dedication and effort, in providing an excellent education to all students. Then Fr. Baljian and Principal Boyamian presented the diplomas and the awards to the graduates.

Principal Houry Boyamian
  • Graduating Class Awards

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I-Prelacy Award for Excellence in Armenian History (silver coin of Levon the 1st): Avedis Bell.


II- President’s Education Awards– Gr. 5

Presidential Award for Academic Excellence: Talia Tarabelsi, Bella Tamburrini, Avedis Bell

Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Nellie Agajanyan, Julia Kebadjian, Tatevik Sarkissian


Presidential Award for Educational Excellence: The purpose of this award is to recognize the academic success of students who have excelled in their studies and who have earned high scores in the Standardized Tests.

Presidential Award for Educational Achievement: The purpose of this award is to reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school.


III-Certificate of Recognition for their Special Strength (Armenian Studies)


Nellie Agajanyan: Hardworking, Takes Initiative

Nara Behbahani: Great Interest in Armenian Language

Avedis Bell: Great Interest in Armenian History and World History

Emma Fontes: Great interest in Armenian History

Isabel Fontes: Great Interest in Armenian History

Armen Galaian: Demonstrates Armenian Spirit

Stepan Guzelian: Tends to do always his best

Julia Kebadjian: Is Inventive and Skilled in Armenian Grammar

David Oganesian: Reads with Expression

Lori Panosian: Great Interest in Armenian History

Gassia Sarkissian: Skillful in Armenian Language

Tatevik Sarkissian: Hardworking and Expresses herself well in Armenian

Bella Tamburrini: Conscientious and Hardworking

Talian Tarabelsi: Conscientious and Hardworking



IV-Certificate of Recognition for Special Strength (All Subjects)


Nellie Agajanyan: Spirit of Adventure


Nara Behbahani: Hardworking, Esperanza Rising Award


Avo Bell: Spaceship Earth Award


Emma Fontes – Super Speller Award


Isabel Fontes: Class Historian Award


Armen Galaian: The Wonder Award


Stepan Guzelian: Grammar Detective Award


Julia Kebadjian: The Inventor Award


David Oganesian: Reader’s Theater Award


Lori Panossian: The Jamestown Colony Award


Gassia Sarkissian: Math Factor Families Expert Award


Tatevik Sarkissian: Number the Stars Award


Bella Tamburrini: Golden Graph Award


Talia Tarabelsi: President Washington Award



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